Multi-Residential Projects


At Urban Design Solutions we understand the investment and development side of building and understand that developing is all about the bottom line. Our objective is to help you maximise your profits as we enjoy helping people who are looking to build their wealth through developing.

That is why we pay close attention to costs and liveability when doing multi-resident developments. Our speciality is smaller projects such as  As a builder/developer doing large scale projects or an investor doing your first development project, or anywhere in between, we look forward to providing you with creative, cost effective designs.

We can assist you with any of the following:

  • Subdivisions
  • Duplexes
  • Villas
  • Town house developments
  • Unit block developments

Collectively we have over 45 years of experience working on many multi-resident projects, large and small, and we understand that developing is about the bottom line, and we want to help you maximise your profits.  

Design and Documentation

This is a 3 – 5  stage process tailored to each client individually:

  1. The starting point is the pre design stage including the initial conversations, fee proposal and formulating a design brief.
  2. From there the sketch design or preliminary documentation stage begins and following the design brief closely, the building is designed with consideration to the unique challenges of the individual site.
  3. Next comes the design development stage where the building design is “massaged” to the client’s requests, Development Approval (DA) plans are created if required.
  4. Once the design is finalised we proceed to the documentation stage where a set of construction documents are completed ready for lodging for Building Approval (BA) and construction.
  5. Additional detailing (optional).

Drafting Service

This service is for those who already have a building design or a very clear idea of their expectations, and are looking for documentation services only. This could reasonably be compared to stages 3 and 4 of the above with the design development stage becoming more of a design review and recommendation service.

Additional Services Include:

Interior and Landscape Design

While the structural elements of design, the walls, floors and roof are the major part of the project, the structure is incomplete without considering the interior design elements of colour, finish and fabric, and the external landscaping elements of trees, shrubs, lawns and entertaining environments.

So you can enjoy a completely harmonious living environment that matches your family’s lifestyle requirements, we also provide the options of both interior and landscape design.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability In Design

An energy efficient home is designed in such a way as to provide shade and allow cooling breezes to penetrate the house in summer, while taking advantage of the sun’s warmth in winter, thus reducing cooling and heating costs considerably.

To us, energy efficiency and sustainability is not about points or stars, it is a broad concept we incorporate into all of our designs to provide the best possible living environment for our clients.

The concept of sustainable design is now a new one, in fact the traditional Queenslander home is a prime example of a design that used orientation, ventilation, shading and building materials to make them naturally cooler in summer & warmer in winter.

Key aspects to consider in a sustainable home include:

  • Solar orientation
  • Window shading
  • Capturing natural breezes
  • Room zoning
  • Outdoor living
  • Insulation
  • Efficient fixtures and fittings (water &and electricity)
  • Ongoing maintenance of building materials
  • Use of natural, chemical free products where practical

Complementary Services:

Urban Design Solutions has built strong relationships with complimentary services and provide a project management service, where we liaise with the relevant consultants on your behalf. This takes the stress out of the process to make it as smooth as possible. Consultants include:

  • Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Town Planners
  •  Energy Efficiency Consultants
  • Private Certifiers
  • Builders/Contractors

During Construction

To ensure workmanship is up to the standards you expect with quality design, we provide a construction inspection service where we will assess workmanship and variations to the design.

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