There has been a lot of work done since my last post, unfortunately the pre & post Christmas rush impacted on my available time to write! The building is approaching lock up now, which we were hoping to achieve before Christmas, but unfortunately the cumulative effect of a few minor delays meant we didn’t achieve it.

The weeks leading into Christmas saw the bulk of the framing complete, the trusses & then roofing installed (note the bracing straps & reflective foil blanket in the photos). Josh Claydon the plumber did his initial rough in, as did Ryan the electrician.

In the time since Christmas the house has continued to progress, initially with the windows going in, then the cladding & the initial painting that required scaffolding. We are currently nearing completion, with the plastering now done along with the tiling, I will post again shortly with more detail on the progress in this time.

There have been so many learning experiences along the way, with one of the key ones being the value of detailing & regular inspections. As good as a builder or contractor may be, they are not mind readers, and while I like to think our typical working drawings (BA drawings) are to a high standard, there are always elements of the design that are difficult to get across at 1:100. We detailed the kitchen, bathrooms and shelving at 1:20, however much like this blog, could have been completed a little earlier, likewise many of the decisions on fixtures & finishes, however our client’s projects had to take priority during this very busy period. To me, the more detail you can give a builder or contractor, the better the end result and this is something I will be contemplating on all future projects.