I am thrilled & excited to say that construction has now started, with the first ground broken excavating to create the level rear yard & the pool. Given that the site is a typical small lot & is 10m wide, the pool construction needed to be done first. I was on site last Monday afternoon (26/9/15), discussing the levels with John from Wahoo Pools & going over everything prior to the excavator starting the dig (after previously meeting with the surveyor Ian Davis to run through it all & confirm we are under maximum height levels).

This was an interesting experience & goes to show that even the most experienced professional can at times be fooled by tricks of the eye, standing on site looking at the depth of the hole being dug, I could have sworn that they were digging far deeper than required, however as they said, the laser doesn’t lie & once it was all said & done, it was proved to be correct!

The pool was poured late in the week & the site is now ready for starting the house build after the building approval is finalised this week. An interesting lesson in timing (due to a few unforseen circumstances) led to the pool approval being separated out, ironically this is something I usually recommend to my clients!

A quick general note, you’ll notice that I will be plugging a lot of the companies or contractors that work on the build, these will mostly be people who we use regularly, or others will be new people who did quality work on the job. I do this for 2 reasons, to help support those who support me, but also to give our client’s a list of consultants or contractors they could confidently use for their own project.