In the last 2 weeks the garage walls have been blocked up and waterproofed, along with the termite control system put in place. Unfortunately this has seen the first minor error in the construction, with the blocklayers building the side walls under the entry too high. The entry area is set down by 600mm from the main floor level, the reasoning behind this was two fold, firstly to help it relate to the natural ground lines of the site, and secondly to give a lovely height to these spaces, creating a bit of wow factor. I picked up the error during a regular inspection and thankfully this is a fairly straight forward fix, but it just goes to show the value of regular inspections by the designer during construction!

Aside from this the floor framing has started and the plumber is now on site roughing in. I had a meeting with him on site to discuss sewer droppers and how we will deal with them given our limited ability to increase the ceiling void due to already being at the height limit. Options were to run them externally, which I wasn’t keen on, or to deal with it with a series of bulkheads & dropped ceilings. After a lengthy discussion & gaining a better understanding of how it can work, I came up with a fairly straightforward solution, with minimal expense, to achieve the hidden droppers.