After a week off waiting for the formal Building Application (BA) approval on the house we finally got underway last week with the house build! The first step, as for the pool, was to meet with Barry McPherson the builder to run through all the levels to ensure everything is spot on and the concept of the home is followed through accurately and to the conditions of the BA.

Yet again the excavators were in action, scraping a little off the top under the ground floor at the rear to create the required clearance for termite inspections, and then yet again another big hole for what is effectively the basement level garage and storage. The level for this is set to match the ground level at the front of the property and as the land slopes up towards the rear, the rear wall of the garage will be retaining just under 2m of soil, a quality waterproofing (tanking) system will be critical.

In the coming week we are expecting the excavation to be finalised with the footings dug and poured, then prepping for the garage slab to be poured hopefully later in the week.

So we are officially away and so far smooth sailing with high expectations for that to continue throughout the build.