Unfortunately in our industry, some Architects & Designers tend to care more about the purity of the design & their own portfolio than for their clients wishes & budget. I hear it all the time, we speak to client’s regularly who have been through a process with another designer only to exit the agreement due to not being heard or listened to, or having a building designed that is massively over budget. At UDS our Brisbane building designers focus on our client’s needs & wishes, our goal, particularly in the briefing process, is to work with our clients to get in touch with their needs, along with their wish list, & produce a design that best meets this while taking the budget into account. Our design development stage utilises a design by collaboration process where we make changes to the design at the clients request, we make recommendations or have discussions around potential flow on effects of some decisions, so the client can make the most informed decision, but at the end of the day, the drawings get altered until such time as the client is happy with the design!