It’s been a while since our last post & pleased to say that it is because there have been some significant changes happening at UDS!

First & foremost we have a great new base, having moved the office to Hawthorne, We are very excited about this & it is proving to have been a very positive move into an exciting & vibrant location. You can find us opposite Hawthorne park at unit 3, 135 Riding Road. The office is coming together nicely & while there are still a few finishing touches, we are nearly there. Feel free to drop in for a chat if you are in the area, we will soon have a cafe next door as well!

Secondly, we welcome 2 new staff members, joining the already strong team of contractors who have been assisting us over the last 6 years, we have ventured into the world of employment for the first time & are very excited about this significant leap forward in the growth of the company. Cheryl Sardina has been with us now for 2 months as our office manager & is doing a great job of pulling Dave into line, since starting, Cheryl has already significantly increased the organisation in the office, implementing new systems & is proving to be a fantastic asset. This week Tim Glass started as our new Design Manager, Tim brings with him considerable experience in both the residential & commercial sectors & our client’s will benefit from his wealth of knowledge. For some further details & examples of Tim’s work, see his website:

Thirdly, Dave is very excited to be about to start construction on his new family home, the first time experiencing the other side of the equation. The journey to date has proven to be a fantastic learning journey, giving great insight into what it is like for our clients. As such, Dave has decided to blog the progress of the build from start to finish, much like was done with the Birkdale house, but with his own personal experience as a client & home owner, sharing his learning & tips along the way. Look out for the first post very soon, looking at the journey thus far.