When it comes to designing new homes and renovations, it is easy to daydream about the perfect lifestyle.
Our minds can wander to a world where we have our own private jetty, guest house, outdoor cinema and all of the trimmings of a Hollywood mansion.
But when it comes time to put pen to paper, many of our dreams vanish into the ether when we realise we don’t have the Chris Hemsworth budget to match the Chris Hemsworth lifestyle.
Does that mean you should give up on your dream? Absolutely not.

There are many ways to orchestrate a home design that will deliver you the lifestyle additions you seek without breaking your budget.
Here are some tips on how you can budget for your dream home.

1. Find the right designer
This is an important first step. There are operators out there who will sell you the dream, bill you for the design and leave you with plans for a home that is impossibly out of reach.
Here at Urban Design Solutions, our Brisbane building designers always strive for the best possible outcome for our clients. We are open and transparent with you through the entire design process so there are no unexpected surprises. We work with you, your budget and your vision and marry them to ensure an end result that is everything you set out to achieve.

2. Make sure your improvements add value to your home
It is important to consider the worst case scenarios when it comes to building design and construction. What if something were to happen were you could not work anymore? What if life circumstances meant that you had to sell your home?

In an ideal world we like to think that nothing will go wrong, but the reality is that things can and do go wrong. If you are spending more than the total value the project will add to your home, this is going to impact your ability to sell.

3. Compare builders
It goes without saying that each builder has different rates and different track records of success. Ultimately, you want the best possible results at the most competitive rates. At Urban Design Solutions we have a network of reputable builders who will deliver the optimum result within the boundaries of your budget.

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