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At UDS our goal is to provide a holistic approach to Design resulting in a building that is tailored uniquely to the Client’s needs, dreams and goals. We aim to give Clients a quality of service that is above the standard. The key to ensuring that your experience is a pleasant one is good communication. This is crucial from both parties, as Design Professionals, we rely on our clients to communicate their needs and desires to us. On the flip side, our aim of ensuring that our clients remain satisfied means that our communication must be clear and concise at all times.

The below process is our full service, in keeping with our premise of meeting our clients’ needs, we also offer a reduced service option, for those who have a very clear idea of the design for their renovation or new home, our drafting service skips the Sketch Design Stage, saving the client time and money. Just like the design, the service offered for each project can be tailored specifically for that project.

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1. Pre Design Stage

The pre-design stage is our opportunity for us to gain information from you that will identify the extent of work required. We’ll talk through what we do, how we can help, our capabilities, a fee proposal and a general overview of the project.

We’ll ask all the right questions so we can get a really good understanding of what you are looking for and what your family needs from your living space. We’ll talk through all aspects of the design, from aesthetics to layout, connection and flow, to get a feel for you and your tastes and work out the game plan from there! While we can’t actually read your mind, our process is such that we get pretty close!

What can you expect during this stage:

  • Initial interview
  • Submission and acceptance of Fee Proposal
  • A design briefing interview
  • Research & pre-design services, including site analysis and measure up

2. Concept Design Stage

This is where all the research and information gathered in the Pre-Design Stage comes together. Our team combine this information, and with their skill and knowledge of building design and the industry generally, will produce the best possible solution for your needs.

What can you expect during this stage:

  • We’ll produce some artistic drawings/sketches to start showing you the form we are visualising to make sure we’re on the same path
  • Preliminary advice is obtained from relevant consultants and authorities
  • Indicative cost estimate may be obtained from a Builder at this stage
  • Potential to request some refinements to the design
Urban Design Solutions &Raquo;
Urban Design Solutions &Raquo;

3. Design Development Stage

The design development stage is a very important part of the communication between you and our team. This stage is a collaborative effort, we work closely with you to tweak and massage spaces to fine tune the design and get into all the glorious detail. For most clients, this is one of the most exciting parts of the project. This is where a house becomes a home!

What can you expect during this stage:

  • Refinement of the Concept Design and reissuing of drawings in CAD format with 3D modelling and 3D views to aid with visualisation.
  • A digital 3D fly around viewed on laptop (optional).
  • The drawings produced at this stage form the basis for the Development Application drawings (if required), with just some minor detailed information added.

4. Documentation Stage

These drawings can also be referred to as “Working Drawings”. This stage is the culmination of all the previous stages. The documents produced will be to the standard required for both the Building Approval process and for entering into a Residential Building Contract with your builder.

What can you expect during this stage:

  • The drawings produced at this stage are greater in detail and will form the documents that the tradesmen will follow to construct the project
  • During this stage we work closely with any external consultants required (such as Structural Engineers etc) to provide all documents required for the construction of your home
  • Your builders will use these documents to provide an accurate costing of the construction.
  • This stage concludes with the lodgement of plans for Building Approval; however, we continue to monitor progress and will provide any additional information required in order to obtain approvals, in most cases, free of charge. Depending on the type and complexity of construction, more specific layout and detail drawings may be required and are available during this stage as an optional extra.
Urban Design Solutions &Raquo;
Urban Design Solutions &Raquo;

5. Approvals

Your new house or renovation design must meet building and planning regulations. There are two types of approvals; Development Approval (DA), assessed by Brisbane City Council under the Brisbane City 2016 Planning Act, and Building Approval (BA), assessed by a private building certifier under the National Construction Code of Australia.

Planning Approval is used to make sure new houses and other structures compliment the existing streetscape, including character elements (where relevant), and do not negatively affect neighbours or the natural environment, it is assessed against the local council’s codes and policies. Building Approval ensures that buildings are structurally sound.

Many projects will require only building approval. However, depending on where you live, the design of your house, and the size of your property, you may also need planning approval. There are several site considerations that may impact your approval; Does your house have a traditional building character overlay? Is your site a “Small Lot”? Are there any flood or overland flow problems on your site? We will always discuss any compliance issues with you before lodging and while we cannot guarantee approval by Council, we seek all advice prior to give you the best possible outcome.

For further information on the approval process within the Brisbane area, please visit and click on “Common Building Projects” under the “Planning & Building” tab. UDS works closely with Town Planners and Private Certifiers to ensure the smoothest possible path through the approval process.

6. Construction

We have a fantastic team of builders that we can refer our clients to. With builders specialising in different sectors, from new home builds, to Queenslander renovations and townhouse developments, we can help you find the perfect builder for your project. We also have relationships with most trades and suppliers that you would need for your project.

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