Our Goal

At UDS our goal is to provide a holistic approach to design resulting in a building that is tailored uniquely to the Client’s needs, dreams and goals. We aim to give Clients a quality of service that is above the standard. The key to ensuring that your experience is a pleasant one is good communication. This is crucial from both parties, as professional building designers, we rely on our clients to communicate their needs and desires to us. On the flip side, our aim of ensuring that our clients remain satisfied means that our communication must be clear and concise at all times.

The below process is our full service, in keeping with our premise of meeting our clients’ needs, we also offer a reduced service option, for those who have a very clear idea of the design for their renovation or new home, our drafting service skips the Sketch Design Stage, saving the client time and money. Just like the design, the service offered for each project can be tailored specifically for that project.

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