Comments and photos from Wes and Regina.
Image 185
Feature kitchen windows are in and plumbing installed. Although our original 1 window had to be come 2 windows, we are really happy with the result.

Photo 1
Louvers installed and lower level cladding started. The positioning of the louvers has allowed for amazing bay breezes and they look very stylish!

Photo 2
Blue board installed around the main wing ready for rendering which commenced this week.

Photo 3
Back of the house. Cladding installed and both levels painted. The deck has also been sealed and the sliding doors installed.

Photo 4 and 5
The old bathroom/ study wall where shower head was located has been knocked down and a cavity slider installed. As you are aware this wasn’t in the original design. We are very excited to see the large space we now have to install a shower over bath. We are also going to be retiling and re-skinning the vanity draws.

Photo 6, 7 and 8
Taken 2nd November after the large windows where installed. Unfortunately the scaffolding doesn’t allow a clear picture of how amazing these windows look.

Photo 9
Plastering has started. Image taken of kitchen/ living area on the 10th Nov.