When it comes to lifestyle, a pool is a must-have for most homeowners.
They are perfect to keep the kids occupied and for the grown ups there is almost no better feeling than to have a soak with a cocktail or wine in hand after a hard week’s work.
The roadblock for some people is that the space required to sink a pool is just not available.

Which is why the good old Australian elevated pool is making a comeback – although they look very different than what you might remember.
Previously, homeowners could purchase a fibreglass pool and erect it with timber walls and decking for an easy swimming option in summer.
This trend has faded in recent years, largely because the underground pool is much more aesthetically pleasing.
But now there is a new wave of elevated pool that is built right into the architecture of your home.

These pools can be built into existing decking, walls and other architectural structures in your home to present a decorative and very practical piece.
Best of all, as they are custom designed and built they make perfect use of the space you have available.

This trend has already taken off in Melbourne – where block sizes are tight – and the trend is expected to expand throughout the country.
So just because you might not have a backyard capable of housing a sunken lap pool, there is no reason why you can’t have a year-round swimming option that is also a decorative piece to boost your home’s appeal.