What makes Urban Design Solutions so special?


We put honesty and integrity first

We are always up front with you. We value your opinions and what you are looking to achieve, and will also share our professional opinion on what we think will work best. We are transparent and explain things clearly all the way through the process.

We value imaginative thinking, creative problem solving, and grounded solutions

We think imagination and creativity are more precious than gold, but we don’t want your ideas to exist only in your head. So, we use cutting-edge, innovative technology, including 3D rendering, walk throughs, and even virtual reality (yes, it’s as cool as it sounds) to help you visualise what your home will look like. Then we use every tool at our disposal to make it happen. We understand the construction industry, making us well equipped to design plans that can be translated into reality.

We let your dreams drive the design

We’re not mind readers… but it’s our job to be. We ask questions, we listen, we research, and we don’t stop until we’ve understood exactly what you’re picturing in your mind. Not just the style and the basic details, but even your personal take on the style, and what it is you love about those details. You’re not just a page in a portfolio to us—we genuinely care about seeing your ideas come to life, it is our goal and passion to improve our client’s lifestyles through improvements in their living space.

We go to great lengths to make everything easier for you

We know building or renovating can be stressful, so we do everything we can to avoid nasty surprises for you, and keep the project flowing as smoothly as possible. Before we even meet with you, we’ll research the site and find out any constraints. We’ll work out what other consultants you’re likely to need and give you an estimate of what they’ll likely cost. We’ll even manage and follow up the consultants throughout the preliminary stages of the project and can help you in finding the perfect builder.

We pride ourselves on accuracy, clarity, and consistency in documentation

If you start with inaccurate or unclear plans then it is likely you will suffer timely and expensive problems and delays during construction. We don’t rely on existing plans, or anyone else’s accuracy—we do our own measuring. You know the saying, “Measure twice, cut once”? We take it seriously. We make the plans clear and easy to read, which helps you to understand the drawings and helps in the approval process. (It also saves you paying for builders and contractors to stand around on site, trying to decipher unclear plans). We prioritise accuracy, clarity, and consistency, and the builders we work with regularly thank us for it.

We respect good architecture and good construction

We don’t settle for second-rate design. We don’t cut corners. We take all aspects of design into consideration, including form and proportion, orientation, energy efficiency and sustainability. Everything we do is done for a reason and with a purpose. We strive to raise the standard of the built environment. We only recommend builders from a network of high-quality professionals, so we know you’ll be happy with the end product.

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