With some minor delays due to rain, the last 2 weeks has seen the excavations finalised and the concretors moving in to prep for and pour the footings and alfresco slab, it feels like a slow start, and possibly compared to building on a flat site it is, but I am so glad to be finally coming out of the ground, seeing some verticality in the form of the steel posts is very encouraging after a couple of weeks of digging!

In this time I’ve also been on the case in the back ground, organising a few of the things that we are providing. The concrete blocks have been ordered and are being delivered on Monday to start building the garage walls, the Vantage windows and doors have been ordered from Momentum Windows and are to be delivered on the 4th December, and the external cladding is being quoted. With the cladding we are still exploring a few options to find the best and most cost effective scenario, the most likely is a grooved fibre cement product, however we are also considering a prefinished steel option. Really looking forward to the framing starting in a week’s time.