Every project has a budget for construction, obviously some are more generous while others much tighter, some are also more flexible, while others are more firm. In our experience a high percentage of people looking to build a new home, renovation or development project have expectations or desires that outweigh their budget allowance, it is human nature to want the best for ourselves and it is also completely understandable for people without a lot of experience in this field to underestimate the cost of the work.

Part of our role as building designers is to produce a design not only meeting our client’s design brief, but also with consideration to their budget. We love seeing our designs come to reality and as such, we know the importance of understanding construction costs and how much of our clients brief they can achieve for their budget. We keep you informed at all stages of where we believe your design stands with consideration to your budget, we use square metre rates obtained from our builders, as the basis for this, then if required, the decision becomes yours whether you choose to scale back the design or increase your budget. We are committed to helping our client’s bring their dreams into reality and as such, work closely with the client and builders to ensure this can happen.