Does it seem to you there are more devices connected to the internet than ever before? That number is set to surge in the coming years as the Internet of Things becomes more mainstream with more practical applications.

The Internet of Things is basically connecting devices to the internet that were once never designed to feature online capabilities. Vehicles are employing IoT technology to create more features and safety options – the self-driving car is at our fingertips.

Home appliances now feature online capabilities, with items like fridges able to detect when you are running low on milk, for example, and then adding it to your online shopping list for your next delivery.

And it is not just individual objects that are joining the digital age, constructions and entire buildings are becoming IoT compatible – which adds an entirely new dimension to your next renovation, expansion or building project.

Smart buildings are already featuring products like smart thermostats and smart light bulbs which can provide the correct levels of temperature and light to all of the rooms in your house. Forget to turn them off? They will do that for you. Want them turned on as you are pulling in the driveway? The sensors can do that as well.

These sensors do more than just send signals as well. Iot technology means that data in your house is stored and analysed, providing solutions to lower your energy usage and emissions output.

You can achieve efficiencies during the building process as well. IoT can manage workloads and on-site movement through wearable technology and sensors.

Virtually every product, surface and fitting in your house can be connected to the internet in the modern world. Talk to us today about your next building project.